Creative Blackout

ARGH! I’m still struggling to come up with a concept for this domain. I grabbed the account early when invites were required and I wanted a presence on Now I just don’t know what to do with it.

A site all about me? (How egotastic!)
Niche Marketing?
Living in Vegas?
See, I’ve done all those in some form or another all ready. And a new site, well I want try something new. I dunno, maybe I’ll just turn it into an ebay-a-day type site. Anyway, this site is a blank slate for the time being. One day (usually about 6 months down the road) I’ll wake up and the “Ah-ha!” will hit me.


One response to “Creative Blackout

  1. How bout roadies life? being a geek, loving cars, babes, gadgets and games, living in las vegas and talking about business tactics, seo and niche marketing. Now that’s something. You may have different websites that reflect every one of these but none of them that reflect all at once.

    I’d personally love it all on one website rather than go hunting on different websites. 🙂

    Or perhaps you can become a philosopher or a comedian………

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