Tipping Point on the Tip of My Tongue

Have you ever been in a midwestern electrical storm? Talk about freaking amazing!

The day starts of like any other day. Sun is shining, a few puffy white clouds in the sky, birds chirping, kids playing, sprinkling systems sticking to their schedules, everything appears to be normal.

Then, in the mid-morning or mid-afternoon, things start to get quiet. Fast.

Dogs stop barking. Birds stop chirping. Wild rabbits stop making whatever sound they make. Less cars are on the roads and children and parents run into their houses for shelter. Like an idiot, you stand alone in the middle of a parking lot as the only one didn’t get the memo. You’re in for a hair raising experience.

You look up to the sky and see a literal wall of dark clouds marching your way from the west. Like an army of darkness. (Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll look to the east and see another battalion of clouds preparing for a clash above your hometown. Twister Time!)

The quiet surrounds you. Suffocates you. Takes your last breath.

Everything is still. Peaceful.

Then from the horizon you start to hear it. Rumbling from afar. The drums of the battalion are being made KNOWN!

The wall of clowds is encroaching towards you slowly, growing in power. You see stains of silky light shoot down to the ground in the distance. The dark legions continue to swell and keep creeping forward. Static shocks of energy are jumping from the front line. The rumblings grow uncomfortably louder.

You watch the horizon as the mass crawls forward and blankets the land. The billows are growing rapidly in size and strength. You are in awe. Respect.

The rumble increases and the lightshows grow brighter. Lightning shoots out in every direction lasting only a heartbeat. Thunder rolls across the land vibrates your soul. In due time the mass static energy eventually meets you face to face. You swear that you can see eyes with in it, staring down upon you as if it is making a decision to take you with it or pass over.


A mile away a bolt of thick lightening meets a rooftop of unexpected suburbian prey. You duck for cover because you thought it was coming for you.


Another bolt is fired as a warning shot. It starts to rain in staggered patterns. Big round drops of warm water beat down on you one at a time.


The energy is everywhere. There is no escaping. You run for cover, jumping in your vehicle as a bolt hits just a few yards away from your last footstep on the pavement.

The clouds break and a wall of water bursts from above. You look through the windshield of your car and listen to the belly laugh of the storm as it continues to move forward and overpower everything.

And you are thrilled that we were able to witness such a marvelous feat.

Why did I write about a midwestern electrical storm? Well, to simply put it, I’ve been watching a storm brew in my own life for some time now. But it hasn’t been until recently that I’ve felt that I’ve been sitting at the tipping point of true success.

The storm that has been brewing inside of me is positively charged storm. It’s a surge of action and production like I’ve never experienced before. Everything is coming together right before my eyes and I’m simply left in awe I watch it unravel.

And it’s fantastic!

I’m truly getting a handle on how much I can personally accomplish, and when and where I need the paid assistance of others. While being a fairly successful at what I’ve done in the past, the whole “marketing” thing is clicking. It’s ALL making sense now. No, not just one or two aspects of marketing where I’ve specialized before. And I’m not talking about the latest guerilla tactics. I’m talking about the WHOLE picture. It’s starting to become very clear to me and become a part of me. I’m eating, breathing, and sleeping the concepts of marketing and finally, like a storm, I’m ready to burst.

I can’t wait to complete my first new project with this new realization.

This is the tipping point.


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