About (edited)

This is an example of a WordPress page (ed: pretty iconic, ain’t it?), you could edit this (ed: define “could”) to put information about yourself (ed: That must mean that someone really wants to know!) or your site (ed: Hi. Welcome. This is My Site.) so readers know where you are coming from (ed: Say what?! They came to me. They should be telling me where they came from!). You can create (ed: Ah ha!) as many pages like this one (ed: whoa, careful. Infinite is a large number) or sub-pages (ed: infinite X infinite = infinite2) as you like (ed: Ah ha! Again!) and manage (ed: My lifelong aspiration was to get into management.) all of your content (ed: Sure, if that’s what you call it.) inside of WordPress (ed: WordPress, I love you.).


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